Phillauri box office collection day 1: Anushka Sharma film starts on a slow note

After the success of NH10, the audience has high expectations from Anushka Sharma’s second production venture, Phillauri. The movie to a large extent is seen as a step to break away from pre-conceived notions of filmmaking. Anushka has brought together a team of young and bright people including first time director Anshai Lal.

However, film exhibitor Akshaye Rathi said that Phillauri will start on a slow note at the box office and one shouldn’t be surprised. “Phillauri is not a mass entertainer. Unlike a Baahubali 2 or Bajrangi Bhaijaan, this film doesn’t need to go to every corner of the country. Makers have promoted the movie keeping these things in mind. It has a limited release on about 1100 screens. Phillauri can collect around Rs 2-3 crore on opening day,” Akshaye Rathi told

When asked if Phillauri can expect better trade over the weekend, Akshaye said, “Not really. I am expecting the film to collect the same amount of Rs 2-3 crore on Saturday as well. The film will show a growth on Sunday.” Phillauri is made on a budget of Rs 15 crore. Akshaye says that makers have already recovered more than 50% of investment from satellite and music sales. “These kinds of films work solely on content. If there is a positive word of mouth, people will surely watch the movie.”

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Asked if Phillauri can face some sort of competition from Badrinath ki Dulhania that just collected Rs 100 crore, Akshaye said, ” There is hardly any film today that stays in theatres beyond two weeks (unless it’s some big star or big banner film). Those who wanted, have already seen Badrinath ki Dulhania.”

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