Yasin Malik files complaint against journalist

Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik has lodged a police complaint against an India Today network journalist for allegedly “breaching his privacy”. Malik said that Kamaljit Sandhu “forcibly” entered his room on false pretext of an interview. “Violating ethics of journalism, this woman journalist started questioning me, while I was half asleep. She secretly started recording on her phone which angered me. I snatched it.’’

Sandhu refuted Malik’s allegations. “We called Yasin Malik twice early in the morning, but he did not respond, which made us go directly to his residence. A woman from the house led us to his room. We did not enter the room and asked Malik from outside the door for a sound bite which he refused.’’ She alleged that Malik manhandled her along with her cameraman.

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