Office-bearer of MP BJP held for running sex racket

The ruling BJP was left red faced after a media in-charge of a party cell was arrested for running a sex racket from a posh locality in Bhopal on Friday. Following complaints, the cyber crime cell of Madhya Pradesh Police raided a flat in E-7 locality of Arera Colony and took into custody nine people, including state media in-charge of Scheduled Caste cell Neeraj Shakya.

State media in-charge Lokendra Parashar said that Shakya was sacked immediately. He added that Shakya was given the charge just a month ago.

The cyber cell had received complaints about a portal that was being used to run the sex racket. The racketeers used to scan various job portals and lured young girls looking for employment to Bhopal. They were then reportedly made to meet customers who posed as potential employers. Four girls, belonging to Manipur and Maharashtra, were rescued from the flat.

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