‘CM Arvind Kejriwal will surely go to Tihar’: Kapil Mishra draws AAP-hawala link, party calls allegations stale

Announcing a “big expose” against AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, ousted minister Kapil Mishra Friday alleged that the Chief Minister opposed demonetisation allegedly to shield “hawala operators” who contributed to the party.

The party leadership, meanwhile, maintained that the allegations were all “stale” and dared the BJP to “take suitable action” against AAP if any donation is found “illegal”.

After alleging an illegal transaction of Rs 2 crore between Kejriwal and Health Minister Satyendar Jain, Mishra questioned the foreign tours of five senior AAP leaders and the party’s source of funds.

On Friday morning, Mishra told reporters, “Why did Kejriwal fiercely oppose demonetisation? Why did he travel across the country against the move? He stood up against demonetisation only because his people, who hoard black money, were being raided by enforcement agencies. His collars are in my hands and he will surely land in Tihar jail.”

Responding to a clarification by city-based businessman Mukesh Kumar — who had claimed on Thursday that he had previously donated Rs 2 crore to AAP through four of his companies registered in Delhi — Mishra alleged that “Kumar is not even a director in two of the four companies”, which are “shell entities”.

AAP rubbished Mishra’s allegations and pointed out that the same questions over the Rs 2 crore donation were raised previously by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Arun Jaitley.

“The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister claimed to have evidence about this alleged wrongdoing. But the fact that not a single central agency has been able to initiate action against AAP in the case is testimony to the fact that it was nothing more than an attempt to malign and defame the party’s image and that of Kejriwal. The ACB, CBI, ED, I-T and Delhi Police have hounded AAP for the past two years, trying to find a single piece of evidence against the party. Nothing has been found yet,” senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh told reporters.

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