Watch Phullu trailer: A man’s story to help women embrace sanitary napkins, but why so serious?

A sanitary napkin, seated comfortably in your closet, can be an alien for thousands of women. Your idea of normalcy can be extreme for somebody else. As strange as this idea sounds, Bollywood has found this fascinating enough and is coming up with not just one but two films inspired by this dilemma. Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Padman deals with a similar subject of menstrual hygiene. Another film dealing with the same issue is Phullu with lesser known actors. Phullu trailer is out and it’s curious if not impressive.

Phullu (played by Sharib Ali Hashmi) is a man who wants to help women of his village to embrace sanitary napkins and take a step towards menstrual hygiene. The trailer gives us small doses of Phullu’s personality, his ease and happiness in women’s company are quite visible. Phullu runs several errands for women in the village including his wife. In one dialogue, Phullu says, ‘If I leave the village, who will take care of ladies of my village? ‘. This dialogue is the simulacrum of Phullu’s personality, a man who empathises with a woman’s daily struggles. And when was the last time you remember meeting a character like this in Hindi film?

The trailer beautifully captures the world of remote villages where modernity is yet to knock its door. The characters are earthy and human. It’s endearing to watch a Hindi film attempting to show us that world. But at what cost?

The tone of the whole trailer is a bit melodramatic. It also sounds preachy at times. It gives a feeling that the film is more focused on glorifying a man as a saviour rather than highlighting how women deal with the problem. A woman surely holds more solutions to her own problems than a man can ever think of. It would have helped if film’s tone was light-hearted and humorous. In the absence of that essential levity, will Phullu turn out to be a mere social drama, preaching about another problem?

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Directed by Abhishek Saxena. Phullu stars Sharib Ali Hashmi (of Filmistan fame), Jyotii Sethi and Nutan Surya. Phullu will be released on June 16 this year.

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