Ranveer Singh says he’s a ‘youth corrupter’, do you agree? Watch video

Bollywood’s very own Ranveer Singh has never apologised for being his true self. Be the quirky dressing style or his beliefs, he hides nothing and will be as straightforward as he can be. Amidst such “rebelliousness”, Ranveer Singh will be seen as a part of a campaign with Jack&Jones urges the youth to rebel but through music.

In a new video campaign, the actor unabashedly showcases his singing skills along with four more people who got an opportunity to rap with the Bollywood hottie himself. At the launch of the second edition of the campaign, Ranveer said: “#DONTHOLDBACK started off as a very small idea, and eventually evolved into a campaign that is now larger than life. The kind of responses that we received for the digital contest was truly exhilarating.”

The campaign is all set to release today. They released their video yesterday. Ranbir tweeted, ” RISE, REVOLT, RIOT #DontHoldBack ✊

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