Amber Rose ‘slept’ while intruder broke into her house

Amber Rose slept while intruder broke into her house. Model-actress Amber Rose along with her family members was reportedly asleep when an intruder entered her house and stayed there for four hours. The 33-year-old returned to her home here on Tuesday after a trip to Miami. According to the site, Amber, her mom, son, assistant and bodyguards were all in the house asleep and nobody heard the intruder. In fact, it wasn’t until the afternoon that Amber saw the broken window in the kitchen and checked the surveillance footage.

The surveillance footage showed the guy breaking into her house and fleeing hours later. Sources reveal Amber’s assistant even got up to make food while the guy was in the house. Amber called the police who are investigating, but according to TMZ, it doesn’t look like the guy took anything.

The night club owner was recently in Miami for a nightclub appearance the week prior and was seen getting close with rapper French Montana on the beach the day before her Monday strut. Amber recently posted two photos with the rapper on social media after the speculation of them being a couple, but she called him her Bruva 4 life.

She shot to fame while dating Kanye West after appearing in his 2008 music video for Put On. Rose has a four-year-old son Sebastian with ex-husband rapper Wiz Khalifa, 29, they married in July 2013 and announced they were seeking a divorce in September 2014. The surveillance footage showed the man breaking into her house and fleeing hours later.

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