Goldie Hawn won’t make movie with daughter Kate Hudson, here’s why

Veteran actress Goldie Hawn says she would not make a movie with her daughter and actress Kate Hudson because the expectations would be too high. The 71-year-old says she would love to work with Hudson but believes that it would come with “too much baggage”, reports

“We would love it, but it’s really interesting – unless it’s something great, honey, you don’t do it. And I’ll tell you another thing: mother and daughter, or son or whatever – sometimes it doesn’t work. You have to look at the reality because we’re very well known apart. There’s a lot of expectation coming into it. You want to talk about baggage,” Hawn said.

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Kate Hudson movie Marshall is set to release on October 17. The actress, playing the part of Eleanor Strubing, will be seen in the biographical thriller film directed by Reginald Hudlin. It is based on the life of the first African-American supreme justice, Thurgood Marshall which will be played by Chadwick Boseman.

Goldie Hawn herself will return to the big screen after a fifteen-year break. She will be seen playing Amy Schumer’s (Emily)on-screen mother (Linda) in the movie Snatched, by director Jonathan Levine. The story is about a mother-daughter duo who go on a holiday after Emily gets dumped by her boyfriend. Once in the exotic South America, their travels turn into a topsy-turvy journey after they get kidnapped. She said, “When you think you’re doing nothing, you’re actually doing a lot – your brain is incubating into the next step. And I never looked back about acting – ever. I didn’t miss it.”

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