Drink it up: Refreshing thirst quenchers you can whip up at home

The mercury is soaring high and heat is making us draw deeper breaths. The scorching heat outside and the stuffy indoors call out for some delicious thirst quenchers — the better id they asre in the DIY (do it yourself mode).

All you need are some delicious fruits, juices, a muddle, blender, and a shaker. Chop, blend and shake and voila — delicious wonders served up in a glass!

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Chef Atul Shankar Mishra of The Royal Plaza hotel shares some simple mocktail recipes that are easy to whip up.

* Cucumber Squash

Ingredients Mint leaves: 100gms Cucumber: 1 Lime juice: 15 ml Sugar syrup: 15 ml Sprite: 1 Can Black salt: As per taste

Method Put all the ingredients, except the Sprite, in a blender and whizz. Once they are well- blended, add the Sprite and combine or shake. Serve chilled with a cucumber wheel garnish and a thick straw.

* Orange Mint Mojito

Ingredients Orange chunks: 6 Brown sugar: 1 cube Lime juice: 15 ml Mint leaves: 100 gm Sprite: 1 can

Recipe Combine all the ingredients, except the Sprite, and muddle. Once everything comes together and all the gorgeous fragrance and flavours are released, top it up with Sprite. Serve chilled and garnish with orange wedges.

* Pineapple Punch

Ingredients Basil leaves: 100 gms Pineapple chunks: 6 Lime juice: 15 ml Sugar syrup: 15 ml Soda: 1 Can

Recipe Muddle all the ingredients, except the soda, well. Once they all combine and come together nicely and the juices flow, top it up with soda. Serve chilled with a pineapple chunk and basil leaves garnish.

Chef Charles Chee Kent Fui, Head Wok Specialist at Mumbai’s Hakkasan, shares some fruity delights apt for the unforgiving sun.

* Virgin Hakka


Lychee, lime, coconut, passion fruit Lychee juice Ice cubes

Method Combine all the fruits in a shaker while topping it up with lychee juice and ice cubes. Shake well to combine. Pour out in a serving glass and serve chilled.

* Green Nile

Ingredients Kiwi, ginger, coriander leaves, lime, lychee Apple juice Ice cubes

Method Put together all the ingredients, including the ice but not the apple juice and combine with a good shake. Add apple juice, combine again. Pour out in a serving glass and serve chilled

Chef Wang Yixuan, Consultant Dim Sum Head Chef at Mumbai’s Yuatcha, has lined up a delicious mocktail recipe so simple that even the laziest of us wouldn’t be able to resist trying

* Kiwi and lime mocktail

Ingrudients Kiwi, kiwi syrup, Passion fruit juice, passion fruit syrup, lime juice, jasmine tea, ice cubes

Method Shake all the ingredients, including the ice cubes, and combine well. Pour in a serving glass and top it up with ice cubes. Garnish with a kiwi wheel on a stick.

With all these recipes, this summer sure is going to be exciting.

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