Crafting memories: Hand-crafted polymer and clay miniatures preserve special moments

LITTLE by little, Avleen Kaur is preserving all your larger-than-life memories in polymer and clay, creating miniatures which are hand-crafted and customised, with minute detailing. The 30-year-old set up The Ultimate Kopie (meaning copy in Dutch) in 2014, as she felt there was need to capture special occasions in not just photographs but in more artistic and creative ways. This is when she conceptualised hand-crafted miniatures.

“All I need is a high resolution photograph to copy your face, clothes and each element in a detailed manner in a miniature. Each work takes 20 days to complete. From weddings to anniversaries, engagements to birthdays, everything is captured in these mini versions,” smiles Kaur. Hailing from Jaladhar, she is now based in Puducherry.

Each piece is handcrafted to match the features and details of the photographs sent by clients. Iron rods form the base of the structure, with a mixture of porcelain and polymer clay used to carve out features. These miniatures are then baked at a high temperature, before being given final touches.

“We do not use colour or paints, as these fade and bleed. All work is done using polymers,” adds Kaur, whose husband got their miniatures done back in the US, on their anniversary. Kaur loved the concept and decided to create her own line here, taking a year’s training abroad before setting up this venture. Now she has clients from across the country, including politicians and celebrities.

The Ultimate Kopie offers two types of miniatures — standard copies, which are 12 cm x 18 cm in size and customised, which are 18 cm x 25 cm (PRICE). “In standard copies, we just graft features of the face sent by the clients on already made bodies. But in customised copies, everything from clothes to hair is recreated,” says Kaur, adding that the resemblance may not be 100 per cent, but is very close. Kaur says many people assumed that the miniatures are a result of some 3D technology. “They find it hard to believe that these are handmade and it’s so gratifying when they appreciate and value our creative effort,” she notes.

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