Newspaper headlines: NHS 'chaos' and council house plans

Image caption The Sunday Telegraph reports that it could take "several weeks" for NHS IT systems to fully recover from Friday's cyber-attack. The newspaper says staff are preparing themselves for further problems when they return to work on Monday, as senior sources say "tens of thousands" of procedures could be "disrupted".
Image caption The Mail on Sunday also leads with the NHS cyber-attack story, reporting that the organisation failed to take action after 66 attacks on its computer systems in England over the last year. The newspaper calls it an "astonishing failure" that none of the incidents were reported to the police.
Image caption The Sunday Express reports on a poll that predicts the Conservatives will win 398 seats in June's general election, with a 147 majority in the House of Commons - breaking Margaret Thatcher's 1983 record. The newspaper also says Labour is predicted to win only 157 seats.
Image caption The Sunday Times focuses on what the PM calls a "council house revolution". In an interview with the newspaper, Mrs May says, if elected, she will change the law to help councils build hundreds of thousands of homes and ensure a proportion will be included in "Right to Buy" schemes. Former One Direction singer Harry Styles is also pictured on the front, calling Brexit the "wrong direction" for the UK.
Image caption The Observer leads with a story saying a millionaire Brexit donor is funding a campaign to oust 140 pro-Remain MPs in the general election. The newspaper says that asset manager Jeremy Hosking told them he was prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to target MPs who had backed staying in the EU, but represent constituencies that voted Leave.
Image caption The Daily Star Sunday is reporting that footballer David Beckham will be buying his wife, Victoria, a "paradise plot" in the Caribbean. The newspaper says that a remote island would be the perfect present for the fashion designer who is "privacy-craving".
Image caption The Sunday People reports that a girl needs plastic surgery after a dog mauled her in prison. They also picture Prince Harry meeting the son of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby.
Image caption The Sunday Mirror leads with an exclusive that James Hewitt, the former Army officer who had an affair with Princess Diana, has been rushed to hospital after a heart attack and a stroke.
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