After divorce, Malaika Arora officially drops ‘Khan’ from her name. See photos

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan arrived together at the Justin Bieber India concert with their 14-year-old son Arhaan, and onlookers said they looked amicable in each other’s company. But to the dismay of their many, only a day later, the two actors ended their 18-year marriage legally. They got divorced at the Bandra family court. And after speculations about ‘will they or will they not reconcile’, coming to a dead end, Malaika no longer wants to be called a Khan. Well, we have proof.

It so happened that recently at an event in Vadodara where Malaika was invited as a chief guest, her seat had the name plate with her full name – Malaika Arora Khan. But looks like Malaika wasn’t happy seeing ‘Khan’ there. A few moments after the actor arrived at the venue, the ‘Khan’ was torn off from the paper and it only read ‘Malaika Arora’. According to our source, Malaika asked the organisers to remove Khan from her surname. With this Bollywood’s Munni has made it official that she will no longer have Khan in her surname from now on. Though interestingly, her Instagram profile still reads as ‘MalaikaAroraKhanofficial’.

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See pictures of Malaika Arora at an event in Vadodara

Malaika and Arbaaz took everyone by surprise in November 2016 when they announced their separation. As the news of the most good looking couple of Bollywood parting ways broke, speculations around the reason behind it also started doing the rounds. While some believed Malaika was dating Arjun Kapoor, others thought it was a mystery businessman who has come in between the couple. Later the two issued a joint statement requesting people to respect their privacy and not spread rumours.

After the divorce, now Arhaan will live with his mom Malaika and daddy Arbaaz is free to visit him whenever he wishes to.

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