Gujarat: AAP postpones ‘kisan satyagraha’

AAP, which was all set to launch its “kisan satyagraha’’ from May 1, would now the agitation after May 7. AAP media co-ordinator Harshil Nayak said: “We have postponed because we don’t have police permission. Police are busy due to a series of functions in view of the state’s foundation day on May 1. We will now launch our agitation for farmers after May 7.” Asked if the decision had anything to do with AAP’s poor performance in the Delhi municipal elections, Nayak said the outcome of the municipal polls was a different issue, and had no relation with party’s activities in Gujarat.

The farmers “satyagraha’’ will begin from Sanand as 32 villages around the township are facing acute shortage of irrigation water. The party is demanding that farmers be provided Narmada water to irrigate their fields.

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