Fire at Bank of India building near Bombay High Court

A fire broke out on Friday at the Bank of India building near the Bombay High Court in south Mumbai, the civic officials said. The smoke was noticed on the fourth floor of the six storey building at around 4.40 PM, the fire brigade officials department said.

The officials said four fire engines and three water tankers were rushed to over the 100-year-old building that houses the main Mumbai branch of Bank of India and pressed into service to douse the blaze. As per a bank official, at the time of the incident, there were around 300 people inside the building, who were safely evacuated.

“We were busy winding up the daily work, when we heard a blast-like sound but ignored it as it seemed a trivial issue. Meanwhile, a fire fighting system kicked in and our colleagues started shouting about the blaze, so we left the office immediately,” another bank official said. Further details are awaited.

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