Noor audience reaction: Sonakshi Sinha makes a great journalist, Kanan Gill is fun to watch

Sonakshi Sinha’s Noor released on Friday and the movie is being liked for its music and Sonakshi Sinha’s role as a journalist. Here’s the audience reactions after the first day, first show. “Sonakshi Sinha is an effortless journalist in the movie and she looks very real. But I found the film to be a bit boring,” said one viewer while revealing he is a Sonakshi Sinha fan, “Noor seems to be a very real person, and Sonakshi looks very real, she has portrayed the character of a journalist effortlessly. I would give the film 3 stars.”

A group of women who came to watch the film said, “My daughter was dancing on the song ‘Gulabi aankhein for so long. We had to come and watch the film for it’s music. Sonakshi Sinha has acted well, would give Noor two stars.”

Another viewer said, “I have been dancing on Noor songs from the time they were released. Also, I am a Kanan Gill fan, he has a great comedy timing. Four stars for the film.” A young college student, however, was not happy with the story of the film, “Kanan Gill is great in the film, so is Sonakshi Sinha. But the story is weak and stretched, I would give this film 1.5 stars,” said a young college student who watched the film.

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“Saw Sonakshi Sinha after a very long time. Loved her acting, the film is fun and very lighthearted and at the same time shows the life of a girl chasing her big dreams in a big city. Loved the concept,” said another student. Noor seems to have been liked by the viewers more than Maatr and is expected to do better over the weekend.

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