Muslims care more about halal food than halal income: Malaysian minister

In Malaysia, restaurants use halal alternates including turkey ham, beef bacon for items that generally include pork. PHOTO: REUTERS

Malaysia’s deputy minister of Islamic affairs said on Wednesday that people cared more about their food being halal than caring whether the source of their income was halal or not, The Malay Mail Online reported.

Addressing a seminar on Islamic financial institutes and charity in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Asyraf Waidi Dusuki said: “Concerns over halal food and halal labels is paramount. But similar concerns may not be true when it comes to where the money comes from to buy that halal food.”

TDAP chief discusses Halal food market 

Dusuki regretted that the issue of halal and haram was restricted to the consumption of food and people associated practicing Islam with worship only. “The money they receive to buy that food, even if coming from usury, interest or corruption, they don’t care,” he remarked

“This is something very much the reality in our society today.”

Earlier this week, minister Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharoom said the authorities would not issue certification for non-alcoholic beer or any product that has a ‘haram’ ingredient, Bernama reported.

Halal product export market still to be tapped

The debate on halal certification emerged after a US pretzel chain, Auntie Anne said its request for the certificate was denied as the authorities expressed reservations over “pretzel dog” on the menu.

In the Muslim-majority country, restaurants use halal alternates including turkey ham, beef bacon for items that generally include pork.

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