Vijay Mallya’s son Siddharth Mallya says thanks for supporting them in ‘gloomy’ times, watch video

Siddharth Mallya, son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya who was recently arrested in London and released on bail for his alleged role in Rs 9000 crore bank loan default case, posted a video on Facebook, thanking people who supported him in difficult times. Siddharth, who is currently staying in the US and is reportedly trying to get into Hollywood, thanked everyone for sending messages of support and love.

Sid has dated Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone and was also popular in the fashion circuit. He has made several appearances at award shows. Sid was also a regular at IPL matches and his appearances with Bollywood actors including Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone fueled tabloid gossips. Royal Challengers Bangalore was owned by Vijay Mallya. Sid was recently spotted at Coachella music festival and seems to be having a good time.

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“I just want to take a quick moment to say the biggest thank you ever to so many out there for sending me such amazing messages of support during this current situation of ours. That shows so much love and positivity. To be honest, it’s not easy for any son to the read some of the things that have been written about his Dad. It’s the most pleasant things in the world to read some of the comments that people leave on social media. But knowing that there are so many of you who send so much love and support helps. It really means a lot to me. This is me being honest with you, saying the biggest thank you. Times are looking slightly gloomy right now but my life is still filled so much light. And thanks to you,” Sid said in a video.

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