‘Don’t have a Plan B’: Lilly Singh aka ||Superwoman|| gets talking about her book, Indian parents and more

Lilly Singh, who is in India, as a part of her “How to be a Bawse” book tour, was in a marathon interview session and even after 10 back-to-back interviews, her eyeliner was on point and she wasn’t breaking into a sweat. That’s because the Canadian YouTube star has figured out how to be a “Bawse” (the internet speak Singh popularly coined for Boss), and what’s more, her book will help you release your inner Bawse too. Part fashion feature, part self-help, Singh’s debut is as colourful, irreverent and fun as her alter-ego, ||Superwoman||.

But if you think it was a piece of cake, you are far from right. While she has written with such honesty and discussed about depression in the book, the most difficult part of writing it was finding the time to do it. “There were a lot of all-nighters put into writing this book,” she said, a far cry from the romanticised idea her brain about it in the first place.

Watch Lilly Sigh interview: Don’t have Plan B, here

Singh, who is known for her absolutely delightful YouTube videos, her savage punchlines and the amazing comic timing, had to unlearn exactly that while this time, she chose to communicate to people through a different medium. “The main goal wasn’t to make people laugh, so I had to unlearn that,” she said. Instead, she felt that she could say practical things and actually help people.

The 28-year-old believes in being real and in “saying what needs to be said.” Singh is of the opinion that everybody must know exactly what success tastes like — “a lot of hard work and no sugarcoating.”

Watch Lilly Singh, ||Superwoman|| interview, here.

The YouTube star, who is known for her rib-cracking depiction of Indian parents and their mindsets, said how important it is to NOT have a Plan B — something she said is exactly the opposite of what Indian parents try to teach their children. Instead, she says, stick to Plan A, take a risk and put all your eggs in one basket. “And make sure the basket is a good one.”

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