Paris shooting: French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve pays homage to killed policeman

GgaryApr 21, 2017 at 6:03 amYou can't stop terrorism by being on the defense. It's too easy for someone to run people over or shoot up a nightclub. We need to go on the offense, and I'm NOT talking about dropping more bombs. First we need to acknowledge that terrorism comes from conflict...Syria, ISIS, Sudan. The ONLY way to prevent terrorists is by having less conflict in the world. Some would argue that dangerous religions cause terrorism, but when I was young (60's) we didn't have anywhere near this much terrorism, yet all the major religions already existed. We need to focus on the conflicts. We need to find a logical path to world peace. As an engineer this is the approach I would say is logical: s: www. /watch?v wFNl4yDZNQM If you don't like clicking links (which is wise) just go to and search for "a proposal for world peace" (including quotes) Thoughts? Better idea? It's only a matter of time before some terrorist sets off a nuclear bomb in NYC or Paris.Reply
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