Newspaper headlines: Paris shootout and diet drinks 'alert'

Image caption The Daily Mail leads on the attack in Paris in which one policeman died and two more were critically injured when a "Kalashnikov-wielding attacker" opened fire on a police bus on the Champs-Elysees.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says the gunman was "known to security services". The attack comes just three days before the first round of France's presidential election, which the paper adds has been marked by the resurgence of Marine Le Pen, the French National Front leader, who has campaigned heavily on an anti-immigration stance.
Image caption The Paris "shootout" also makes the Metro's front page along with news that drinking a diet cola a day "almost triples your risk of suffering a stroke or developing dementia" according to new "shock" research.
Image caption The Daily Express also leads on the diet drinks "alert". Although the paper says the observational study cannot be scientifically explained, it adds the same result was not seen with sugar-sweetened drinks.
Image caption The Times reports that no Brexit deal will be done unless Theresa May "accepts rules on European workers and security". The demands were revealed in leaked negotiating guidelines from the European Commission.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Guardian leads with the suggestion a new government could reverse Article 50 and "avert Brexit". The paper says the president of the European Parliament has insisted the process could be reversed by the remaining EU members.
Image caption The i says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's message to Remainers is "no second Brexit referendum" after apparently "flirting with the idea". The paper claims this has "delighted" the Liberal Democrats.
Image caption The Daily Mirror leads with the investigation into Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, where it says 15 babies and 3 mothers have died in maternity units. The trust's chief executive said it was "co-operating fully with the review" and he believed his service "provides safe care for women and babies".
Image caption The Financial Times leads with what it calls a "global showdown over steel" led by the US, after President Trump launched a national security probe which could lead to increased tariff on steel imports.
Image caption The Daily Star reports on "shock new evidence" in the case of missing Madeleine McCann, as an Australian television documentary claims to have solved the mystery of her disappearance.

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