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Parliament voted for an early general election on Wednesday, with 522 MPs in favour. However, 13 voted no. But who are the 13 and why are they against the poll?

  • MPs back May's call for snap election

Ronnie Campbell, Labour MP for Blyth Valley

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Parliamentary commissioner for administration (June 1987 - March 1997), Health Committee member (October 2005 - November 2007), Public Administration Committee member (July 1997 - May 2001).

Mr Campbell is 73 and has been treated for stomach cancer. However, he is on the road to recovery after an operation and chemotherapy. He announced earlier on Wednesday he would stand again for election as it would be the party's national executive committee who would choose his replacement rather than the local party - not something he was keen on.

Ann Clwyd, Labour MP for Cynon Valley

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Shadow secretary of state for international development (January 1989 - January 1992), shadow secretary of state for Wales (July 1992 - November 1992), shadow minister for culture, media and aport (November 1992 - January 1993), chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party (May 2005 - December 2006).

The Welsh MP said the only reason the prime minister called the election was a "cut and run tactic" because of how difficult Brexit negotiations will be. As a former MEP, she said members of the European Parliament were "not going to roll over with a handshake and a smile, they are going to talk tough and be tough". Ms Clwyd added: "Nobody is ready for this general election. I do think this is an irrelevance considering what is happening in the world at the moment."

Paul Farrelly, Labour MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme

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Member of multiple committees, including the Culture, Media and Sport Committee (July 2015 - present), the Privacy and Injunctions Committee (July 2011 - March 2012) and the Consolidation Bills Committee (December 2010 - March 2015).

Mr Farrelly has one of the smallest majorities in the UK, with only 650, so it may be understandable why he was not keen for an election. But he told a local newspaper reporter for the Stoke Sentinel that he voted against it because he believes it will be "bad for the country" and the unity of the UK.

Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse

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1997 (the seat changed from Poplar and Canning Town to Poplar and Limehouse in 2010)

Minister of state for environment, food and rural affairs (June 2009 - May 2010), shadow minister for environment, food and rural affairs (May 2010 - October 2010), shadow minister for transport (October 2010 - August 2013).

Mr Fitzpatrick was planning to retire in 2020, but he will be standing for re-election. He said he voted no because he thought the prime minister was "taking advantage of a lead in the opinion polls for purely party political advantage, not in the national interest." He added that Mrs May's "misleading [of] the public... ought to have been objected to and opposed."

Clive Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South

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Shadow secretary of state for defence (June 2016 - Oct 2016) and shadow secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy (October 2016 - February 2017).

It may be for personal reasons as he is due to get married on 6 May. He told the Daily Telegraph: "Theresa May kind of has thrown a clanger into my life. We've had to cancel the honeymoon and we don't even know if we're getting married now, so I don't know. It's a bit of a disaster personally." But he has also said it was down to the way the government had gone about turning over the Fixed Term Parliament Act. "At this critical time, it isn't the time for Theresa May to simply call an election when it is convenient," he said. "Had a motion of no confidence in the government been on the table I would have voted for it."

Fiona Mactaggart, Labour MP for Slough

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Shadow minister for the equalities office (October 2010 - April 2011) and shadow minister for equalities (April 2011 - October 2011).

The former Labour minister has announced she is not going to stand for re-election, saying she is "bored by political squabbles over personalities". Of the election she said: "I can't believe that spending eight weeks of a time-limited negotiation period campaigning in an election rather than talking to our EU partners will strengthen her hand in negotiations with anyone outside her own Conservative Party."

Liz McInnes, Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton

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Shadow minister for communities and local government (September 2015 - June 2016) and shadow minister for foreign and Commonwealth affairs (October 2016 - present).

The Greater Manchester MP said she voted against the election because of "voter fatigue". She told Buzzfeed that after a by-election that saw her become an MP, the 2015 general election, the referendum, and the mayoral race in 2017, there was the potential for low turnout. Ms McInnes added: "I haven't met anyone who welcomes it, people just go 'oh no, not again'."

Dennis Skinner, Labour MP for Bolsover

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Member of the National Executive Committee (July 1979 - July 1992, July 1994 - July 1998, July 1999 - May 2010), vice-chair of the Labour Party (July 1987 - July 1988) and Party Chair (July 1988 - July 1989).

No official word from Mr Skinner, but during PMQs he asked for a guarantee that those Tory MPs under investigation for election expenses would not stand. For him, failure to do that would make the whole campaign "the most squalid in my life time". Perhaps not a surprise he voted against it then.

Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton

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Parliamentary secretary at the cabinet office (November 1999 - June 2001) and Lord Commissioner at the Treasury (June 2001 - May 2002).

Mr Stringer condemned his own party for not opposing the snap election and "falling into Theresa May's trap" to boost the Tories. He added: "The opinion polls might be a few points out but they're not telling a complete lie. We have got to spend the next seven weeks getting our policy issues over, they appear to be popular with the public when tested. But I wasn't going to vote to support Theresa May's cynical move to try and increase the Conservatives' majority."

Lady Sylvia Hermon, Independent MP for North Down

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Shadow spokesperson for trade and industry, home affairs, women and culture, media and sport (May 2001 - May 2005).

There has not been a public statement on her reasons.

Natalie McGarry, Independent MP (suspended SNP member) for Glasgow East

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SNP Westminster spokeswoman for disabilities (May 2015 - November 2015).

It was an eventful day for Ms McGarry, who confirmed she was pregnant after she fainted in the Houses of Parliament. An ambulance was called, but just as a precaution. She hasn't explained why she voted as she did, but she is waiting to find out from the SNP on Saturday whether she and her colleague Michelle Thomson will be allowed the whip back after being charged by the police last year over allegations of fraud.

Michelle Thomson, Independent MP (suspended SNP member) for Edinburgh West

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SNP Westminster group leader for business, innovation and skills (May 2015 - October 2015).

As with her colleague Ms McGarry, she is waiting to find out whether she gets the SNP whip back. But she also took to Twitter to say she voted against the early election, unlike many of her SNP colleagues. She said: "This is a time for leadership from the opposition, not abstention."

Dr Alasdair McDonnell, SLDP for Belfast South

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1997 (though he was MP for North Antrim from 1970 and South Belfast from 1983).

Shadow minister for Europe (July 2008 - May 2010) and Shadow SDLP chief whip (May 2010 - March 2015).

The pro-European MP has already confirmed he will run again in the early election, but he didn't want it to happen. He hasn't released a statement, but he tweeted an article from the Belfast Telegraph where SDLP leader Colum Eastwood accused Theresa May of throwing "a grenade into the middle" of the peace process with the snap election.

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