Stratford baby bus death: Parents guilty of causing child's death

Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire Image copyright Met Police Image caption Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire were acquitted of murder

The parents who disguised the death of their baby by pretending she had died on a London bus have been convicted of causing or allowing her death.

Rosalin Baker, 25, and Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, had denied murdering 16-week-old Imani in September 2016.

The child was found to have multiple injuries including 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist and fractured skull.

The pair were acquitted of murder but were told by Judge Nicholas Hilliard to expect a "substantial sentence".

The Old Bailey heard other passengers on the number 25 bus in Stratford tried to help save the baby after Baker claimed she had suddenly become ill.

'Pain and distress'

Wiltshire, of Newham, east London, was filmed by on-board CCTV kissing Baker and giving her a thumbs up as she boarded the bus with Imani's body strapped to her chest.

She told the jury her abusive partner had forced her to take the dead child with her in a sling in order to "frame" her.

But Wiltshire, who claimed to have fathered 25 children, told the court: "I'm not a life taker, I'm a baby maker".

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said Imani, who was on the child protection register, had been attacked three times in the week of her death.

He said the infant would have been in "very significant pain and distress" from injuries caused by her arm being twisted or pulled, her chest being squeezed and being thrown against a hard surface.

Image copyright Met Police
Image caption Wiltshire was filmed as he took Baker to the number 25 bus and signalled a thumbs up as he left

In the week before Imani's death, Baker had moved from her mother's home in Colchester, Essex, to Wiltshire's bedsit where the family shared the same bed.

Giving evidence, she said when she found her daughter dead at the bottom of their bed, Wiltshire had told her "it's all your fault, I told you to give her up for adoption".

"The first thing I thought was he's done something to her," she told the jury.

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