Newspaper headlines: 'Battle begins' and 'coalition chaos' warning

Image caption The i is one of many papers continuing to focus on the snap election, as it declares "Battle Begins". It says Theresa May won "overwhelming support" from the Commons vote to kick-start the campaign.
Image caption The Daily Mirror's chicken dusts off its feathers to confront Theresa May, as the paper cries "Fowl play" at the prime minister's refusal to take part in televised debates ahead of the general election.
Image caption The Times reports the prime minister is "ready to soften" her opposition to taking foreign students out of immigration totals. The paper says Theresa May's compromise is an attempt to ensure that an overhaul of the university system can pass through Parliament before it dissolves on 3 May.
Image caption The Guardian leads with a warning from billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, who has told the paper that the UK's world influence will weaken and lives will be lost if Theresa May chooses to abandon the country's overseas aid spending pledge in her party's manifesto.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads with a warning about a potential SNP "coalition of chaos" from Theresa May, who has suggested that would be the outcome of an alliance between the SNP, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reveals the "cast-iron Brexit pledges" that it says will feature in the Conservative manifesto. The paper reports these will include an end to EU free movement and the commitment to pull the UK out of the single market.
Image caption The Financial Times leads with news that British companies are being "systematically shut out" from multi-billion-euro contracts by Brussels, according to an internal memo from top European officials seen by the paper.
Image caption The Sun leads with new "shoot-to-kill" orders that will see armed police officers given the authority to shoot at "jihadi death drivers", as the paper puts it, following last month's Westminster attack by Khalid Masood.
Image caption The Daily Express reports excitement surrounding anti-depressant drug - trazodone - as it is suggested it could be used to halt dementia. The paper says the breakthrough "raises the possibility of an off-the-shelf treatment for sufferers".
Image caption A haunting story is the front page lead for the Daily Star, which reports that a priest has carried out a Coronation Street exorcism after a series of spooky happenings and "poltergeist attacks" on the soap's set.

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