HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome 2017.4.5-Automatic encryption software to securely view websites

HTTPS Everywhere is a software bundle which allows users to browse the Internet safely and securely. Essentially, it changes a website address from the standard 'HTTP' mode to the more secure 'HTTPS' mode. Those who are familiar with the TOR project will be pleased to know that many of the same developers are involved with this application. Anyone who is concerned in regards to their privacy or wishes to avoid online cookies will benefit from this handy smartphone app.

Main Uses and Tools

HTTPS Everywhere is ideal to avoid online surveillance, data tracking and common phishing schemes. As it employs a robust firewall alongside SSL encryption, all personal data should remain secure. In the majority of cases, this software will run automatically in the background. However, users can also deactivate it if they find that pages are loading too slow. They will simply click on a shield icon to switch back into normal HTTP mode.

Other Options

As the total file size of HTTPS Everywhere is only 1.57 megabytes, most users will not experience any performance issues. Recent fixes have address some minor bug issues. This software currently available in nearly 50 languages and more are likely to be added in the near future.

Download HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome 2017.4.5 in Softonic

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