Mark Hamill wishes Luke Skywalker had a final scene with Han Solo

Actor Mark Hamill said he would have liked to have made a change to the script of Star Wars: The Force Awakens giving Luke Skywalker a final scene with Han Solo. The 65-year-old actor, who portrays the Jedi Knight in the sci-fi franchise, said he wishes Luke came to the rescue and saved Han (Harrison Ford) before his on-screen son Kylo Ren kills him, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“When I was reading it, I thought if Leia is trying to mentally contact me and she is unsuccessful, she’ll rush to his (Han’s) aid and get into some dire situation, and that’s when I show up,” Hamill said. “I save her life, and then we rush to Han, and then we are in the same position that Rey and Finn and Chewie are — too late to save him, but witnesses,” he added. Hamill called it, in his opinion, a “missed opportunity,” but added he has a lot of “terrible ideas”; he just likes to share them in case there is something the filmmakers like.

Mark Hamill also remembered Carrie Fisher during a recent event.  “I felt like I didn’t want to do this, that it was too soon to talk about Carrie, and then came the double-whammy of Debbie Reynolds going as well. It’s just unimaginable. I’m sure there is a long list of people who knew Carrie better than I did, but that said, our relationship was unique.

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“It was special. We were in the garage band that hit it big and had all these hit albums. Then we split up and went on our merry way,” he said. The actor continued, “I’m still trying to process this. I can’t think of her in the past tense. I think of her in the present tense, in the future tense. It is still so raw. I feel so devastated.

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