Star Wars: The Last Jedi to be Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia’s last, she won’t appear in episode IX

Late actor Carrie Fisher will not be appearing in Star Wars: Episode IX. Her last appearance as General Leia Organa will be in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the trailer of which was released at the Star Wars Celebration on Friday, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told to ABC News. The footage of the old Carrie Fisher will not be used in the next part of the film. The new outings in the Star Wars franchise are more focussed on the young characters.

“Carrie Fisher will not appear in Star Wars 9 as her iconic character Leia Organa. This is in spite of a statement made by the late actress’ brother Todd Fisher, indicating that he and Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd had given permission for footage to be used of the late actress in the upcoming film. Earlier today Kennedy stated that no decision had been made about whether to include the footage or have Leia appear in some other fashion. She thinks that Todd Fisher was “confused” when he made his earlier statement about his sister being in the ninth film,” said Kathleen Kennedy in her statement.

“We finished everything in VII, and Carrie is absolutely phenomenal in the movie, and we’re so lucky that we were able to complete shooting in the summer. Unfortunately, Carrie passed away by the time we were well underway with Episode IX in our thoughts. We had not written the script yet. But we’ve regrouped. We started over again in January. So sadly, Carrie will not be in IX. We’ll see a lot of her in VIII,” she had said in an interview.

Kathleen had earlier said that the character of Leia will have a beautiful performance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. However, she had not specified if her story would be concluded in this sequel to the film.

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Carrie Fisher had passed away in December 2016, only a few days after her mother Debbie Reynolds breathed her last. It had been a crushing news for older fans of Star Wars who considered her as one of the most beloved characters of the franchise. By the time of her demise, she had finished shooting her part in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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