StarCraft Anthology varies-with-device-Classic and highly detailed role-playing game for personal computers

Starcraft Anthology is considered to be one of the most popular RPG bundles on the market today. This entire series is said to have reinvented the role-playing genre and Starcraft set the bar high for many games associated with modern times. Players can now transport themselves into this immense realm and explore exotic worlds which are incredibly realistic. An epic storyline awaits and even those who are not fans of this franchise will be enthralled with what is in store.

Features and Basic Gameplay

Starcraft Anthology is actually a bundle of two games in one. While the original Starcraft is included, players can also enjoy a platform known as Brood War. There are also an additional three single-player campaigns to choose from. Each of these is highly detailed and thanks to the three-dimensional nature of this game, hours of entertainment await. Many characters incorporate AI, so each encounter will be different.

Other Options

There are no less than 58 different missions which are interspersed throughout six plots, so there is no lack of action. As multiplayer modes are also available, it is now possible to team up with friends through the use of a high-speed broadband Internet connection. Starcraft Anthology is currently available for personal computers and modern operating systems.

Download StarCraft Anthology varies-with-device in Softonic

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