Total War: WARHAMMER II 2-A fantasy real time strategy for Total War fans

The Total War franchise and Warhammer franchise merged to form one of the most epic fantasy RTS games of our generation when Total War Warhammer was released. The sequel allows people to re-enter the world of Warhammer with all the Total War gaming mechanics still in place. Total War’s developers were also able to add the Warhammer mythology into the sequel in a more efficient manner than they did the first Total War Warhammer game.

Fight with guns, weapons, magic and monsters

A typical Total War game features a turn-based campaign map and a real-time battle map. Typically, you are able to have real-time battles with ancient and historic technology, which often features bladed weapons, horses and more recently featured gunpowder. The Warhammer version of Total War, and the Total War: Warhammer II game allows you to fight with blades, shields, gunpowder and magic. Where once your soldiers rode on horseback, they may now ride on mythical creatures. Just like with the first Total War Warhammer game, the Total War: Warhammer II game allows for a deeper and more varied combat style. The increased variety of creatures and fighting units creates a situation where you have to carefully judge which units you send in to fight. A single platoon of units with special fighting abilities may wipe out your entire army if your troops are not suitably guarded with units that have equal and opposite fighting abilities. The campaign map is highly detailed, and the real-time maps are even more graphically detailed to the point where you need a gaming computer to be able to play the game because it puts a great strain on your processors.

A sequel that continues to change the way that Total War is played

Previous versions of Total War sequels have been able to change the way that players fight on the campaign map and the real-time map. Just when it appeared like the Total War was going to have to go into “Modern Technology” fighting (as so many games already do), they went a different way and turned towards fantasy with Total War Warhammer. The Total War: Warhammer II has continued that journey by adding more depth, tactics and complexity to the game. If you liked the first Total War Warhammer game and you were not put off by the different real-time battles, then you are going to enjoy the sequel because it is more like an upgraded version of the first Total War Warhammer game.

Download Total War: WARHAMMER II 2 in Softonic

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