Thor Ragnarok trailer: Right when all hope is lost for this Avenger, Hulk appears

The last time you saw Thor, he was in a meeting with Dr. Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch) in the post credit scene of the Marvel film. Now, the trailer of Thor: Ragnarok released today and fans of the Marvel comic franchise have every reason to get excited. It is clear that Thor is in trouble and he looks very different from his previous appearances. The Avenger, who once fearlessly fought his enemies now carries a strained expression, when he finds himself chained and helpless in the grasp of his enemies. The superhero who once had long beautiful locks, shiny blonde hair and owned hammer is now imprisoned on the planet Sakaar. The fact that his hammer gets destroyed only adds more stress, making things even worse.

It all begins after the accidental release of the goddess of death, Hela ( Cate Balnchett), who is seen in a rather impressive headdress. She is barely recognisable as the woman you once saw in films like Cinderella, Blue Jasmine and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button to name a few. Hela is the new threat to Asgard, and the all-powerful ruthless goddess is on a mission to destroy the civilisation in Asgard. With the destruction, Asgard sees itself losing all its grandeur.

Much like Thor (who is now wielding a sword instead), right when you think all hope is lost, Hulk appears to fight with his fellow Avenger in a deadly gladiator contest. Like Chris Hemsworth, you might also find yourself crying out a loud ‘YES’ at the very idea that he might have a chance to save Asgard now that he found an old pal to help him. Only instead of addressing him as a fellow Avenger, he calls Hulk a friend from work.

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