Gangstar New Orleans: Open World open-world third person shooting and driving game

In Gangstar New Orleans, you take to the streets as a criminal who is able to acquire guns and steal cars. You may run around the city causing mayhem and getting chased by the police, or you may choose a varied number of missions where you steal things and kill certain targets. Choose your own gaming style and choose your own way to have fun.

Arcade shooting action with the thin slither of a plot

In Gangstar New Orleans Open World, you may work your way towards different in-game goals, such as completing certain missions to gain access to new missions, or you may drive around the town and pick up a mission if you happen to pass one. In Gangstar New Orleans Open World, you may steal cars, shoot anybody, and take on the police. Gangstar New Orleans is very similar to Grand Theft Auto in that respect. The fact that you can shoot out of your car is something that many of the GTA games were missing. It is especially fun because the cops can shoot at you while chasing your stolen car. While playing Gangstar New Orleans Open World, you may also hide from the police, but they often find you even if they lose sight of you. The rag doll effects are fun, especially when you run over your enemies and see them flailing as they fly off your front bumper.

A fun way to burn through time

The open-world aspect of the game means you have to make your own fun. You can sink hours into driving around, or you can try and retry missions to win the arbitrary goals within the game. The graphics are not as detailed as they seem on the trailers, but they had to dial down the graphics and detail in order to fit all the open-world content into an easy-to-download package. Gangstar New Orleans is a suitable alternative for people who are a little sick of GTA.

Download Gangstar New Orleans: Open World in Softonic

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